Entrepreneurs with Values

Appreciation, vision and team spirit aimed at sustainable success

Appreciation for man and nature has always been the basis of all economic activity of the Bläuel family. Fritz and Burgi Bläuel came to the Mani in the late 1970s in search of alternative ways of life. Soon they started building up their organic agriculture project together with the local olive farmers and oil-millers. With entrepreneurial vision, respect for people and for the cultural landscape of the Mani together with much effort and enthusiasm they managed to communicate effectively to the farmers the benefits of organic agriculture and the associated market opportunities, thus gradually obtaining their cooperation.

The result was the production of the first organic olive oil in Greece that today is exported worldwide. Since 2009, Fritz and Burgi’s son Felix is ​​part of the management of the company and contributes to setting new goals for the future, such as with the recently obtained Naturland Fair certification, which makes the long-term environmental and social commitment of the company transparent and controllable. Value-oriented business in harmony with man and nature has distinguished for over 30 years the Bläuel family company.

The fruits of their work are the awarded Mani Bläuel organic olive oils, pure and natural organic products and organic olive mezes (Greek appetizers), but also the preservation of the cultural landscape of Mani as the center of the traditional, organic olive cultivation in Greece.