Mani Bläuel Bio Olivenöl

Products with culture

Ideal agricultural landscape + Greek joie de vivre = best flavour

The fine organic Mani Bläuel olive oils, olives and mezes (Greek appetizers) are carefully prepared from pure natural products following traditional practices. The ideal growing conditions of the Mani region in Greece are for olive oil what the “terroir” is for wine, resulting in the unique taste and quality of the typical products of this area.

The olive tree symbolizes peace and prosperity. The Greek olive tree culture is implemented in the traditional olive cultivation, in the delicate, artisanal processing and finds its highest expression in connection with the Greek food culture, made of togetherness and joy. This joy, appreciation and care go into the Mani Bläuel products, as one can taste in every bite.

Mani Bläuel offers a wide range of organic Greek delicatessen: olive oils, olives and mezes, excellent ingredients at the basis of the Mediterranean cuisine. These exquisite delicacies can be used in various ways: for cooking, to refine sauces and salads or as appetizers.

Vegan and vegetarian gourmets can find in Mani Bläuel a full range of products, while raw-foodists can enjoy the cold processed olive oils, the al naturale olives and the olives in olive oil.

Mani Bläuel products are available in health food stores and in well-stocked delis.

Mani Bläuel assortment list (Download PDF)