Mani: a holiday jewel

With around 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of about 20 degrees from May to October, Mani enjoys the same abundance of sunshine as the Greek islands or mainland. However, its isolated location in the Peloponnese keeps mass tourism away and makes it the jewel of  “green tourism”: ideal for vacationers who want to soak up the strength in tranquility and scenic beauty.

The hilly Taygetos mountain landscape is ideal for hiking and cycling, with pleasant temperatures even during summer. Quiet, pristine beaches line the cleanest sea waters in the Mediterranean. Historic sites and caves are certainly great attractions for those interested in history and adventurers.

As pure as the natural beauty of the Mani is also its Mediterranean cuisine. It gives every vacation a relaxing finish. Classic traditional guests will find it at Voula Kyriakea’s “Yesterday & Today” restaurant in the seaside Mani village of Stoupa. Vegetarians can have plenty of choices at Burgi Bläuel’s Mani Sonnenlink, the organic Boutique Resort situated in an idyllic mountain setting.

Anyone who has been in the Mani, is always happy to come again. Travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor recognized this long ago and spent most of his life there. His book “Mani” is a very interesting reading.