Life with a future

Country life in small communities and remote mountain villages has always been the rule for the Mani people. In all seasons and weather, they have struggled with the stony mountain soil to obtain the products they needed for daily life: sun loving vegetables, some meat and of course olives and olive oil from Koroneiki olive groves.

The most authentic Mediterranean cuisine nurtured Mani’s small farmers for centuries, but required hard work with little reward. Therefore, in the middle of last century more and more young people started trying their luck in other regions of the country or abroad.

Businesses like Bläuel now encourage young people to move back to live in the Mani. Over 300 families have found a secure income in supplying Bläuel with their organically cultivated olive oil.  On the other hand, this development in the area takes new dimensions towards “green tourism” with Mani Sonnenlink, Burgi Bläuel’s first organic certified hotel in Greece.

Today the historic homes and towers of the villages are restored with much love. In the taverns and restaurants tourists looking for relaxation can find traditional Mani cuisine, sitting at the same table with hospitable “Maniates” and drinking together a glass of wine in celebration of the joyful Mediterranean way of life – a life with a future in the Mani.