Mezes are Greek appetizers typically enjoyed with bread, sheep cheese and a glass of wine – for pure Greek enjoyment. The aromatic Mani Bläuel mezes are also ideal for adding to sauces or marinades and bring a Mediterranean flair to any kitchen.

Green or Kalamata – Mani Bläuel organic olive pastes with selected herbs and Mani Bläuel organic extra virgin olive oil are the classics of Greek mezes.

Another typical Mediterranean appetizer, our sun-dried tomatoes are preserved in extra virgin olive oil and aromatized with basil – wonderfully aromatic, juicy and mildly spicy.
Further elaborated, they are also the main ingredient of our aromatic tomato spread, made of sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil and basil, with the addition of a drop of Mani Bläuel balsamic vinegar. The gentle and natural sun-drying guarantees that the tomatoes preserve their valuable heat sensitive ingredients such as vitamin C and lycopene.

The range of appetizers is completed by our tasty, fruity organic capers preserved in extra virgin olive oil. Try it out: sprinkle some capers on a sandwich, lightly press down with the knife and take a bite.

Greek Specialties
Mani Bläuel Greek specialties are a great addition to any gourmet kitchen. They bring something special to your dishes.

Mani’s sea salt “Sun and Rock” is similar to the French “Fleur de Sel”, with the difference that it does not come from artificial salt ponds, but is harvested by hand from the Mani rocks by the sea. It is unrefined and unprocessed, so that it retains all its natural nutrients (magnesium, potassium, minerals). After harvesting, it is dried for several days in the sun and packed directly.

Mani Bläuel organic balsamic vinegar is based on the traditional Kalamata recipe for “Glykadi” (sweet vinegar). It is a fine natural product made starting from sun-dried, Peloponnesian currants. Its rich flavor is achieved thanks to years of aging in oak barrels.