With the conversion to organic farming in the olive groves of Mani more than 30 years ago and its corporate values, Bläuel’s business orientation towards sustainability is not a last-minute innovation.

The goal is still to strengthen organic cultivation in the ancient agricultural landscape of Mani and thus to promote the biodiversity of the region in terms of environmental sustainability. The company supports various social projects, such as a nursing home, SOS Children’s Villages and GAIA, a civil society organization that, among other things, runs a volunteer fire department and performs various rescue operations. This and the regional fair procurement of raw materials from small farmers, promote the sustainable social development of the region. Naturland Fair certification makes this long-standing social commitment transparent and controllable. Of course, for Bläuel as for the rest of the world sustainable energy is a major issue. With its own photovoltaic system at the company headquarters, Bläuel is nearly energy-neutral since 2010.

We privilege recyclable packaging material for our products, and always strive to reduce it as much as possible. In the family hotel, Mani Sonnenlink Boutique Resort, the first and only organic hotel in Greece, the same sustainability criteria play an important role.

Consumers who buy and appreciate Bläuel products contribute to these developments and can experience a part of Bläuel’s sustainability at home: in the logic of “reduce waste-reuse-recycle”, we apply removable labels with a special glue, so that when the delicious contents of our jars and bottles are used up, our customers can easily reuse the pretty glass containers for their homemade preserves or to store food.