First Greek organic-fair olive products


Maybe you have already noticed: most of our labels bear the new Naturland Fair logo, certifying that since 2014 Bläuel complies with international fair trade standards as applied by German certifying body Naturland Zeichen GmbH. Why the step from the EU organic certification to Naturland certification organic & fair? “Because we are finding more and more fun in working out of love for the world! We value human beings, in their individuality and creativity – and we value nature, in all its diversity, beauty and fertility,” said the company founder Fritz Bläuel.NaturlandFairlogo

With Naturland Fair certification, we make our 30-year-old environmental and social commitment transparent and controllable. Naturland Fair seal represents added value along the entire value chain and turns it into an ‘appreciation’ chain.

Added value for the environment
Ensuring compliance with the Naturland guidelines for fertilization and plant protection, beyond the EU organic guidelines, we contribute to the conservation of soils and biodiversity.

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Added value for the region
With resource-efficient production and packaging premises and largely regional sourcing of raw materials, our ecological footprint is minimized and at the same time the cultural landscape of Mani is protected.

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Added value for smallholder farmers
The producers who cooperate with us receive a fair price for their olive oil that is higher than the world market price and contributes to cover costs and secure acceptable profits.

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Added value for employees
As the largest employer in the region, we also offer a future to the young people of the area. To date, we have been able to create 40 family-friendly jobs with fair remuneration in the company.

Added value for trade partners
Reliable trade relations are a valuable asset for us. We have long-standing partnerships, which are characterized by loyalty and respect.

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Added value for consumers
With the authentic Mani Bläuel organic products and the additional Naturland Fair certification we want to promote a sustainable lifestyle. The joy, appreciation and care that go into our products can be tasted in every drop and every bite. Several international tests and awards confirm the superior quality of our products, like the most recent one, gold award at the “International Olive Oil Competition” in New York.

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We are certain our followers and friends understand and share our conviction: only an appreciative handling of resources and fellow beings can secure a sustainable future for the next generations.

Mani Bläuel Naturland Fair range includes olive oil, several olive products and Mezes.